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          CST Phospho-NF-kappaB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb 3033S

          3033S 規格:100ul

          • 品 牌:CST
          • 市場價:¥4641

          貨號: 3033S
          品牌: CST


          CST Phospho-NF-kappaB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb  3033S


          貨號: 3033S
          品牌: CST



          使用與人 NF-κB p65 的 Ser536 周圍殘基相對應的合成磷酸肽,對動物進行免疫接種來產生單克隆抗體。



          Flow cytometric analysis of HeLa cells, untreated (blue) or TNF-α-treated (green), using Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb compared to a nonspecific negative control antibody (red).流式細胞儀研究未經處理的HeLa細胞(藍色)和經TNF-α處理的HeLa細胞(綠色)。所用抗體為Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb 并與非特異性的陰性對照抗體比對(紅色)。

          Western blot analysis of extracts from HeLa and NIH/3T3 cells, untreated or TNF-α treated (#2169, 20 ng/ml for 5 minutes), using Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (upper) or NF-κB p65 Antibody #3034 (lower).Western免疫印跡。用Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (上圖) 或NF-κB p65 Antibody #3034 (下圖)研究未經處理的和經TNF-α (#2169, 20 ng/ml, 5 min) 處理的HeLa和 NIH/3T3 細胞的細胞提取液。

          Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of HeLa cells, untreated (left) and TNF-α treated (#8902 at 20 ng/ml for 20 min, right), using Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (green). Actin filaments have been labeled with Alexa Fluor® phalloidin 555 (red).共聚焦免疫熒光分析未經處理(左圖)和經TNF-α(#8902 20 ng/ml,20 min, 右圖)處理的HeLa細胞。所用的抗體為Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (綠色), 肌動蛋白用Alexa Fluor® phalloidin 555 (紅色)標記。

          Western blot analysis of extracts from THP-1 cells, differentiated with TPA (#9905, 80 nM for 24h) and treated with 1 μg/ml LPS for the indicated times, using Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (upper) and NF-κB p65 (C22B4) Rabbit mAb #4764 (lower).Western免疫印跡。用Phospho-NF-κB p65 (Ser536) (93H1) Rabbit mAb (上圖) 和 NF-κB p65 (C22B4) Rabbit mAb #4764 (下圖) 研究經 TPA 分化24小時(#9905, 80 nM) 并用1 μg/ml LPS 處理一定時間的THP-1細胞的細胞提取液。



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