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          ABSCIEX 研究試劑套裝 A10663

          • 品 牌:ABSCIEX
          • 市場價:¥19605

          ABSCIEX 研究試劑套裝 A10663

          用于研究, 電泳

          ABSCIEX 研究試劑套裝 A10663


          僅供研究使用。 不適用于診斷程序。

          包括 IgG 控制標準 1 包和所有化學品。
          IgG 純度和異質性測定是專為工業生物技術領域的研究人員開發的,他們正在開發和制造用于研究診斷和治療的 IgG 試劑。 該測定被指定用于評估 IgG 試劑的純度和異質性,無論是在降低狀態還是非還原狀態下。 該方法涉及在 SDS 存在的情況下對特定濃度的 IgG(還原和非還原的)進行熱變性,并使用高分辨率毛細管凝膠電泳技術按大小分離這些蛋白質。 該檢測將檢測低至 0.1% 的雜質,并包括具有指定數量的非糖化重鏈的 IgG 對照組,以便在未知的運行之前測試該測定的分辨率和定量適宜性。


          -分離毛細管 57 厘米 x 50? æm ID 裸熔融

          石英(數量 2)-SDS 凝膠分離緩沖液(專有配方)(140 毫升)-SDS 樣品緩沖液 100 毫米三氯化碳pH 9.0/1% SDS(50 毫升)
          -IgG 控制標準1毫克/毫升 SDS 樣品緩沖液(1 毫升)
          -內部標準 10 千達蛋白5毫克/毫升(0.4 毫升)
          -酸性洗滌液 0.1 N HCL 100 毫升)
          -基本清洗液 0.1 N Na
          OH(100 毫升)-IgG 純度和異質性測定應用指南(數量 1)



          For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

          Includes IgG Control Standard 1-pack and all chemistries.
          The IgG Purity and Heterogeneity Assay has been developed for researchers employed in industrial biotechnology who are developing and manufacturing IgG reagents for research diagnostic and therapeutic use. This assay has been specified to assess the purity and heterogeneity of IgG reagents in both a reduced and non-reduced state. The methodology involves heat denaturing a specified concentration of IgG (both reduced and non-reduced) in the presence of SDS and separating these proteins by size using high-resolution capillary gel electrophoresis technology. This assay will detect impurities as low as 0.1% and includes an IgG control with a designated quantity of non-glycosylated heavy chain to test both the resolution and quantitation suitability of the assay prior to running unknowns.


          - Separation Capillary 57 cm x 50 ?æm ID bare fused-silica (qty 2)
          - SDS Gel Separation Buffer (proprietary formulation) (140 mL)
          - SDS Sample Buffer 100 mM Tris-HCl pH 9.0/1% SDS (50 mL)
          - IgG Control Standard 1 mg/mL in SDS sample buffer (1 mL)
          - Internal Standard 10 kDa protein 5 mg/mL (0.4 mL)
          - Acidic Wash Solution 0.1 N HCl (100 mL)
          - Basic Wash Solution 0.1 N NaOH (100 mL)
          - IgG Purity and Heterogeneity Assay Application Guide (qty 1)
          - Kit Insert





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